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Miele Complete C3 Silence EcoLine Review: Is It Really That Quiet?

Vacuum cleaners make our lives easier. This is an undeniable fact since no one wants to manually pick up the dust and dirt in their house.

But they do have a common flaw, their noise.

This is even truer for vacuums with powerful motors. The noise coming from them are just as big as their suction power. In fact, most models are so loud that it can even ruin the experience of other family members watching TV.

But with the Complete C3 Silence Ecoline, you can put an end to it. Miele - one of the Best vacuum cleaners on the market. Let's see if it can live up to this claim.


Power: 500W

Dust bag capacity: 4.5 liters

Weight: 7kb

Noise level: 64dB

FIltration system: Silence AirClean Filter

Design & Performance

This Miele vacuum cleaner is a bagged model, featuring foot suction control and AirClean filters.

Its floorhead is designed to be used on both carpets and hardwood floors. You can switch between two modes with an easy switch. It provides an acceptable cleaning radius while the "Dynamic Drive" castors help increase the level of mobility even more.

The motor is the primary difference between this Silence EcoLine vacuum and other Complete C3 versions. Compared with other vacuums in that lineup, this version only uses a 500W EcoLine engine. As you may know, other Complete C3 vacuums from Miele - uses the 900W motor for stronger performance.

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And while it's true that this lower-wattage motor reduces its suction power, it also makes the vacuum quieter.

Cleaning results are quite good on different types of surfaces. But for pet owners, this vacuum may be a hit-or-miss: sometimes the pet hair removal rate is rather disappointing.

There are no other major drawbacks considering its design and usability besides its weight. At 7kg, this corded vacuum is quite bulky when you need to maneuver between your furniture.


The noise level of 64dB is exceptionally low for a household vacuum, which is the main reason you can ignore its other drawbacks.

But you must have a realistic expectation when it comes to the noise of a vacuum.

It's a machine with hundreds of wattage; of course, you're going to hear some noise no matter what. But at the end of the day, if you're not picky, it's still one of the quietest vacuums we have so far. And this comes with good cleaning results on many types of floors, which is not a guarantee for quiet vacuums.

If you're a big fan of the Miele Complete C3 series and you seek a more pleasant cleaning noise experience, we don't think there’s a better option.

Pros and Cons


Extremely quiet

Acceptable cleaning performance

Same designs as other C3 versions


Poor pet hair removal results

Our Verdict

If you put all the design and performance features together, Miele has done a great job with the Silence EcoLine vacuum. For those who are looking for a quiet model that still has a strong performance, it's an ideal option - as our vacuum cleaner review Top rated vacuum cleaners has proved.

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