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Great Argumentative Essay Topics 


An argumentative essay is one that uses research to support a point of view. These essays take a stand and back it up with proof. However, unlike many other types of essays, they are concerned with articulating a specific viewpoint that is backed up by research and evidence. Many "essay writer online" services can write a good argumentative essay for you.


Rather than relying solely on your ideas and views, an effective argumentative essay will be based on existing or new information. For example, consider the following scenario: You're trying to persuade your parents to increase your allowance, and you have two options:


  • You should increase my allowance because I've requested it.
  • You should increase my allowance because I've been willingly taking on extra responsibilities.


The first argument is purely based on feelings with no supporting evidence, but the second is based on demonstrable proof. The second argument is more likely to elicit a favorable response from your parents since it reveals that you have worked hard to deserve the additional allowance. A well-researched and reasoned argument, on the other hand, will show readers that your opinion is based on facts rather than sentiments. You can also opt for an online essay writer for help.


Argumentative Essay Topics


If you're having trouble coming up with ideas on your own, check out this collection of argumentative essay topics for inspiration.


  • Should hydraulic fracturing be made legal?
  • Should parents be able to alter the genetic makeup of their unborn children?
  • Do genetically modified organisms (GMOs) benefit or damage people?
  • Should pupils be obliged to have vaccines in order to attend public school?
  • Should world governments do action to combat climate change?
  • Is it appropriate for pupils to review their teachers?
  • Because of its brutal lyrics, metal music should be prohibited.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of making virtual friends?
  • Which musical genre aids students in their studies?
  • Can we as a civilization conserve energy?
  • Is it true that playing violent video games makes a person more violent in real life?
  • Is homeschooling a better option than the public school system? Smartphones make learning easier. Is co-education better than single-gender education? Not everyone can write a good essay so a college essay writer can help you in this regard.
  • Are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) safe to eat?
  • Is fast food nutritious or dangerous to one's health?
  • Why do teenagers look up to celebrities?
  • Teenagers prefer to communicate via social media rather than in person.
  • Should it be permissible for children under the age of 18 to receive a tattoo?
  • Is the current tax system efficient or inefficient?
  • In our corporate world, are men paid more than women?
  • Is it still necessary to study Shakespeare as part of a college curriculum?
  • Is college getting prohibitively expensive?
  • Are test results the only way to assess a student's ability?
  • A college education is well worth the investment.
  • Young people on social media platforms are unaware of the need for privacy on these sites.
  • Without faith, life is incomplete.
  • Why should each of us vote? As discussed earlier if you think it is not your cup of tea you can always hire an essay writer service.
  • Should high-income earners pay a higher tax rate?
  • Is it true that GMO foods are harmful to our country?
  • Is our school properly preparing us for the real world?
  • Is it necessary to spend money on space exploration?
  • Is the #MeToo movement helping to raise awareness?
  • Is it helpful for pupils to attend a single-gender school?
  • Should religious prejudice play a role in politics?
  • Should gun control in the United States be abolished?
  • Is social media the only cause of adolescent depression?
  • Is it possible to alleviate depression with the help of animals' emotional support?
  • Is depression a factor in the development of other illnesses?
  • Is counseling the only option for depression and anxiety treatment?
  • Is it possible for children to be depressed?
  • Is it possible for poor health habits to lead to depression?
  • How do educational institutions contribute to mental health insecurity among students?
  • Is it important for a parent's mental health to raise a healthy child?
  • Divorce hurts a child's mental health.
  • Can irregular sleeping patterns lead to depression?


You can also take help from a cheap essay writing service. They will write from the given sources and make sure there is no problem.

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