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Tools You Must Have For Pressing

To achieve the blissfully finishing in the end of the project, it’s essential to have the right kind of sewing pressing tools to make the project look flat and professional. When you are sewing something with the best starter sewing machine then you have to press the seams and hem in the middle of the work to get the results in the ends.

Watch this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21_gr1YZBGk for information regarding the best starter sewing machines and their features. If you are an absolute beginner in the sewing and you are looking for tools to press the garment other than ironing then here we are. We are about to tell you some of the important tools which you should have to press the bulky edges of the garment during sewing.


Sometimes it may happen that your iron is not working or you don’t have access to it, how you are supposed to deal with the edges of the fabric? How you can get rid of it? Ham is the simple solution of all the pressing problems. Ham is the heavy pillow like tool which has the ability to press the garment with the help of its weight and make it flat.

A pressing ham

If you are working with the thin fabric and you don’t want to press the edges with the help of iron then use padded ham. This will help in reducing the bulk of the dress and the edges of the dress will be flat and smooth. This must be at your iron table for the emergency purpose or when you are not in hurry.

Sleeve Board:

The seam is the basic concern of all the sewers and once you are done with the sewing, later the only thing sewer wants to achieve is the great finishing. During the sewing, it’s not possible for you to use the iron or to move the dress to the iron board and then back to the machine. During this time, you must have a simple thought in your mind that what tool you can use for the flat seam?

Sleeve board is one of the best tools you can have in your sewing area to get rid of the bulky and messy seam. A sleeve board is suitable for the stable surface, you can simply deal with the open seams with the help of this tool. Keep the sleeve board on the dress and leave it for 10 minutes. It will be flat and then you can use an iron with the minimum heat.


Sewing is just not limited to the sewing tools but you can simplify your work by using anything you want. Clapper is one of the products used for the edgy seams and to eliminate the bulk from the project. Before you use clapper, I recommend reducing the seam allowance so you don’t have to go through the major problem of pressing it again and again.

Clapper is made up of the hardwood and it’s suitable for the pressing during the seam. It’s suitable when you want to press the flat seam allowance. You should have a clapper on your sewing table and even during the sewing, you can use it by placing it over the seam. This will make your work quite easy and edges will be tamed.

For the basic project I recommend using best basic sewing machine for easy handling or visit our guide on best sewing machine for beginners for the relevant information.

Seam Roll:

Seam roll is another form of ham and you can use it when you don’t have ham. The difference between ham and seam roll is that you can use this tool into smaller areas. You just have to insert it and then press it to make the seam flat and professional. The seaming roll is also handy which makes you able to handle it than ham.

There are so many places in the sewing where sleeve board can’t board and in those conditions, seam roll can absolutely work for the pressing. I recommend using this tool for the pressing when you have to insert into the smaller areas. This is also suitable for projects like designing kids clothing or making a tank top.

Seam rolls and tailor's hams

Press Cloth:

We have discussed several times the importance of press cloth. This is something that every sewer must have to transfer the appropriate heat to the fabric and to save it from the dark stain. Let’s say you are working with the chiffon and we all know how delicate that fabric is. To save the fabric from the stain and burning, you should use the press cloth.

Once you are done with the sewing, then you should go for the press cloth for the delicate fabrics at the time of pressing. Keep the temperature of the iron medium and press the seams of the project as much as you can. The pressing cloth must be of high-quality to protect the original project underneath.


Iron is something which you can’t ignore at the time of working in your sewing area. If you ever look at the dresses in the markets then you can see how if they have seam allowance more than 1 inch, but it looks flat, how? The reason behind this professional look is ironing. Ironing is something which can actually help you in reducing the bulk area by making it flat.

The only thing one has to take care of is to adjust the temperature. Every fabric has different ability and as a sewer, this is your responsibility to analyze the nature of the fabric and then start using an iron to press the edges. Set the temperature and use the iron like a professional sewer to bring the finishing in the project as you desire.

Pressing holds great importance in the sewing and no matter if you are working with the delicate fabrics or bulky fabrics, you just have to make sure that the pressing is on point and you will proceed further. You can read Expert Reviews On What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners You Should Buy if you are looking for the right sewing machine to sew like a pro.

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