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Annotations in Harvard on Nursing Subject - Annotated Bibliography Guide 

Writing annotations is a convenient method to avoid the continued reading of your source each time you need to allude back to it. Preparing annotations permits you to approach every one of the main points of your objective source, which you can easily implant in your exploration.

Preparing annotations is a simple and simple undertaking. However, if you are running on short deadlines, you can continuously avail of an online essay service. Using these services, you can have professional annotations arranged by an essay writer under short notice.


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There are multiple citation styles that are utilized in academic writing, for instance, MLA, APA, CHICAGO, HARVARD formats. The formatting example of annotations varies depending upon the citation style they are following. However, the focal elements for each annotation remain the same.

Annotations are short in length. They shift for the most part between 100 to 200 words yet can reach out to more depending upon the length of the source. It is in every case better to skim your source before you begin annotating it. For instance, when EssayWriterNow skim the annotations completely to get a basic idea. Having an unmistakable idea of the source significantly facilitates writing annotations.

To write an annotation, there are some important elements identified by high quality papers that should be guaranteed. Each annotation begins with a bibliographical line added to the top. The substance includes the name of the creator, source title followed by its focal idea, method, and findings. In the end, you highlight the relevance of a source to your examination.

Relating your source to your examination is important since it adds the credibility of your exploration. In the following section, we have outlined some of the annotated bibliography models zeroed in on the nursing subject. Note how the elements of the annotated bibliography are arranged in Harvard format.

Model Annotations

Saini, N. et al. (2017) 'Roy's Adaptation Model: Impact of care on pediatric patients,' Int J Nurs Midwif Res, 4(1), pp. 52-60.

In the article titled "Roy's Adaptation Model: Impact of Care on Pediatric Patients, the specialists Neha Saini, Veena Sharma, and individual collaborators have investigated the rising morbidity rate among children using RAM (Roy's Adaptation Model), permits medical attendants to survey the purposes for the increased morbidity rate. Through a detailed quantitative analysis, the writers declared the importance of the model by asserting that Smash does not just investigate the flexibility that needs to be included the nursing practice yet in addition includes a detailed analysis of the physiological change, self-idea modes, interdependence mode to investigate the adaptive traits of infants under specific essay help.

Okeyo, S. M., Karani, A. K. and Matheka, E. (2017) 'Difficulties of technological patterns in nursing and coping strategies by medical caretakers at Kenyatta National Hospital,' East African Medical Diary, 94(4).

In the article titled "how much is an essay," S. M Okeyo, E. Matheka, and A. K.Karani have investigated the difficulties in the nursing profession with the changing innovation and the rising patterns which attendants need to follow to stay aware of the cutting edge medicine. To understand and identify the possible solutions for these three difficulties looked by medical caretakers in adopting and operating ICT, the specialists a detailed quantitative review using Fischer's formula. The outcomes presumed that absence of information with respect to medical caretakers and the inefficiency of the hospital management to impart the fundamental skill in their nursing staff to work ICT brought about significant hindrances in managing the information communication and innovation.

Jeffries, P. R. (2005) 'Innovation patterns in nursing education: Following stages,' Diary of nursing education, 44(1), pp. 3-4.

Pamela R. Jeffries, in her article "do my papers" has done a detailed contextual investigation exploring multiple contextual analyses has analyzed the difficulties pertaining to the development, implementation, and testing of the new technologies by the musing department. From analyzing the articles targeting the difficulties in technological operations in country regions to steps being taken by the government in ensuring the skill of the attendants to work the technologically advanced instruments. Through a detailed analysis, the writer has proposed the need to incorporate educational shifts in promoting and providing learning opportunities to medical caretakers to enhance their capability in providing brief services.

Pineau, J. et al. (2003) 'Towards robotic assistants in nursing homes: Difficulties and results,' Robotics and autonomous frameworks, 42(3-4), pp. 271-281.

In the article "do my essay" the writer Joelle Pineau, Michael Montemerlo, and different specialists have studied in detail mobile robotics assistance and how it can help the physically impaired to work in their daily lives. The scientists have likewise outlined the straightforwardness for attendants with the introduction of mobile robotic assistance. In presenting three programming modules, the scientists have proposed the introduction of robots that can provide autonomous guidance and assistance to old and disabled individuals to meet their daily needs.

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