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Steps to make your arguments more convincing and realistic in an argumentative essay 


There are many types of essays and each comes with its challenges. In an argumentative essay, the writer forms an opinion about the topic and presents it as the main argument in the introduction. Throughout the essay, he tries to persuade readers to believe in or agree with his/her opinion. Some individuals also look for do my papers service.

The body of the argumentative essay comprises the supporting arguments along with the evidence for each of them. Each of these supporting arguments must strengthen and support the main argument. A splendid argumentative essay is one in which the writer is able to convince the readers to agree with his argument.

The whole effectiveness and strength of the argumentative essay lie in the main and the supporting arguments. A custom essay from the WriteMyEssayFast service with sound and well profound arguments leaves a mark in the reader’s mind and successfully achieves its purpose of convincing the readers. Hence it is vital to make the arguments both convincing and persuading as well as logical and realistic.


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An essay writer services can use the steps given below to effectively write realistic and convincing arguments without seeking help from any write my essay service.


An Argument

In academic writing, you often have to write an essay based on the arguments. An argument is the claim of the author about the topic. This is presented in the form of the thesis statement and is backed by several supporting ideas and pieces of evidence.

Claims can be both simple and complex. In both scenarios, the rest of the essay is structured in such a way that it supports the major claim or the argument. You can ask someone to do my essay

In order to write realistic and convincing arguments, follow the steps given below:

Know your stance

In an argumentative essay, you have to present both sides of the argument and prove one of them right. Hence, before you begin with the task of writing the essay, have a clear stance and position. Decide beforehand, which side you are going to be supporting in your essay.

A vague argument in which the writer is unable to prove one side completely wrong and the other completely right is not convincing at all.

Conduct research on the topic

For the writer to be able to convince the readers of a certain claim, it is significant that he/she must be aware of the topic from all the possible perspectives. A weak argument only looks at one side of the coin. To make it more realistic and convincing, perform extensive research on the topic from all angles and collect strong pieces of evidence for each of the views depending on your stance. With the help of an essay service, you can easily create a good essay. 

Recognize the strongest evidence

Once you have searched for all the possible angles and relevant pieces of evidence, identify which among these pieces of evidence and claims are the strongest.

The strongest evidence is the one from the most authentic and reliable source. It must also be the most recent one.

Know your audience

An argument is successful only when the writer convinces the reader. To convince the reader, the writer must know the audience and their intellect level. To convince readers, the author must address the issue or the topic from the same level of understanding and knowledge that the intended audience possesses.

Hence, knowing the audience is very significant before presenting an argument and the relevant pieces of evidence. Also, take help from the essay help writers. 

Structured and balanced arguments

A balanced argument is one that not only presents the evidence supporting the claim of the writer but also refutes the counterarguments using strong evidence.

The writer must know that the readers must have some opinion regarding the topic or must have heard of several beliefs on it. Hence the writer must also use evidence to prove how the other side of the ideas is not as justified as that presented by the writer in the thesis statement.

Hence, a convincing argument will do both in balance, i.e. support the argument and refute the counterargument with the help of evidence. 

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