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Writing the Perfect Critique - 10 Tips and Strategies You Can Use


In college, your professor may ask you to write an essay on a given topic or write a critique. Critically judging someone else's work can be a much tougher job than writing an essay on a topic from scratch.


You first need to analyze the provided text, make rough notes, and finally write a critique based on what you like and dislike about the text. To write the perfect critique, either follow the provided guidelines or consult an essay writing website. If you need assistance, an essay writing service is a good option.


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What is a Critique?


When you are provided with a text, you are expected to understand it completely and give your opinion regarding it. In a critical essay, you have to observe the whole text and highlight the positive and negative aspects of the writing style and the message.


Some students believe that summarizing the text and then passing a few judgmental comments is enough but they are mistaken. For an excellent grade, your summary needs to be brief and your analysis needs to be highly detailed. 


You can also visit an online essay writing service for more tips.


10 Tips to write a high-grade scoring critique


  1.   Thoroughly read the provided work
  •   Read the provided work multiple times with analytical eyes
  •   For the first time reading, try to understand the author's perspective
  •    The next few times, look for phrases that you think could be mentioned
  •   Re-read it and make notes regarding the weaknesses and strengths of the author’s argument
  1.   Carry out research
  •   Research thoroughly on the topic
  •   When you are completely aware, you can start your analysis
  •   Research what aspects to criticize
  •   Find evidence for your claims and note it down
  1.   Outline
  •   Prepare a rough outline
  •   It should be in bullet points
  •   you can also ask any custom essay writing service to provide an outline for you
  •   you will use this outline to write your final draft
  1.   Sample papers
  •       For a better understanding search the internet for good critique sample papers
  •       Analyze them and check out their choice of words
  •       Relate it with your task
  •       Do not plagiarize the exact work; just take a rough idea
  1.   Catchy introduction
  •   Use phrases and sentences to hook the audience immediately
  •   Make bold claims to make the reader curious
  •   Provide the significance of the work being analyzed
  •   Provide the significance of your critique
  1.   Thesis statement
  •       It should come at the end of your introduction
  •       You should portray your view of the arguments in the text
  •       Do mention any suggestions that you have.
  •       It should be an opinion (not a fact)
  •       Don’t exceed one sentence (preferable)
  1.   Summary
  •       It should be stated in one paragraph
  •       You have to describe the author’s perspective
  •       You can’t add your opinion here
  •       Place it before your critical analysis paragraphs, right after your summary
  1.   Categorizing Body paragraphs
  •   You can categorize your body paragraphs in different ways
  •   Categorizing by the discussed theme
  •   Categorizing by positives and negatives (your opinion)
  •   Categorizing by mentioned order (not preferred)
  1.   Proofread
  •       Once you are done with your paper, inspect it for errors
  •       Run it through online grammar checking software
  •       Check manually for errors in format, sentence structure, grammar, and spelling
  •       Make the required corrections before submitting it


  1. Let others take care of it
  •       The final suggestion will make all the other suggestions look weak
  •       Contact an online essay writing website
  •       Tell them “write my essay by the given deadline”
  •       Provide them with the instructor’s guidelines and any paper description that you would like to give
  •       Relax and wait for the final draft.




Writing a critique is one of the more difficult college assignments. You need to possess key analytical and critical skills. Writing a critique is not only about criticizing but it also encompasses praising what you believe is right.


There are no wrong or right opinions, but your critique needs to be organized and well-written to get a good grade. If you are having difficulty following the instructions, hire an essay writer online.

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