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What to Include in an Admission Essay? – Guide


The most significant part of an essay is the argument development. You can not compose a high-quality essay without strong and powerful claims and arguments. Most students find it a daunting task to develop an appropriate and relevant argument and hence end up losing their grades. You have to ensure that your essay consists of strong and relevant arguments to make it more appealing to the readers. There is many essay writer are available on the internet.

What is an argument? 


An Argument is said to be a series of facts or statements that are developed to support a viewpoint of the writer. Developing strong arguments to support the thesis statement is a significant part of the essay to make it more persuasive and appealing. Arguments are claims to back up the main point of the essay along with appropriate and authentic evidence. The key to writing a good essay is to understand how you place your arguments in your essay. It can either make your paper more impactful or lose all the impact. 


You don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to construct a good and strong argument in your paper because I will share a detailed guide with you that can make it easy for you!  

You have to be a little vigilant while searching for the website because there are many scams that tend to trap students and waste their money and time. The process of placing an order is extremely simple. You just have to register yourself by signing up on their website. Then you have to click on the option that says write my essay This option will bring you to a new page and you will have to fill a form. You have to enter the details of your work as the number of pages, the number of resources, type of document, deadline of the assignment, formatting style, etc. 



Types of arguments? 


There are three most common types of arguments that are often used in academic writing. These types of arguments include classical argument, Toulmin argument, and Rogerian argument. 


  1. Classical Argument 

The classical argument is also known as the Aristotelian argument. This is known as one of the most common types of argument. This type of argument is used to convince the reader about the point of view of the writer. In this model, the writer presents and analyzes arguments from both sides and then proves that one side is right based on the supporting evidence. In this type of argument, the writer often utilizes Ethos, pathos, and logos to convince audiences that one side of the argument is right. There are a few major points to be understood while using classical argument. 

  1. It introduces the main point of the argument of the essay 
  2. It represents the perspective of the writer while making an argument. 
  3. You have to explain both sides of the argument and then explain in detail why the other argument is incorrect with strong evidence. 
  4. You need to provide clear and strong evidence to support your side of your argument. 
  5. Write the conclusion that must state the advantages and benefits of the argument presented by the writer. 


  • Toulmin argument 



The Toulmin argument is usually being used in an argumentative essay. It does not present both sides of the arguments, it rather states and analyzes one side of the arguments. This type of argument can be developed on personal viewpoints when there are no clear facts and absolute solutions to the provided problem. We can break an argument into 6 basic components to make it easier for a writer to develop a strong argument. 

The six components include a claim, grounds, warrant, backing, qualifier, and rebuttal. 


I hope now you will be able to construct strong and impactful arguments to make your essay more appealing and captivating for the readers. However, writing an argumentative essay is a daunting task to do. Do you want to seek help from a professional essay writer to help you construct a high-quality essay to get an A grade in your class? I am sure the answer is yes and you can’t wait to know how can you reach out the someone professional to help you with your academic work.



  • Rogerian Argument 



The Rogerian argument is used in an essay to analyze an argument while setting up a middle ground between two opposing arguments. This type of argument is used on collaboration and cooperation. You can have an insight into the writer’s viewpoint from various standpoints. 

Structure of the Arguments


  1. Introduction 


The introduction paragraph should contain a hook statement, background, thesis statement


  1. Body paragraphs 


The body paragraphs should contain topic sentences, evidence, facts, and arguments. 

  1. Counter Argument

The opposite argument and reasons to refute it. 


  1. Conclusion 

The conclusion should revise the thesis statement, arguments, and final verdict 


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