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      The ESL writer's guide to comma splice and run-on errors


If you are a writer, then you can understand the importance of sentence structure and grammar. Also, essay writer has must experienced the annoyed behavior of the teacher due to your negligence towards grammar. Teachers mostly get frustrated when students make very minor mistakes, but it ruins the whole impression of the essay.  

In the grammatical structure, there are multiple errors that are recognized as a proper concept to make writers understand its importance. Among these errors are comma splice errors, run-on errors, and sentence fragments. In critical essays, these mistakes have an impact on the effectiveness of the analysis because these essays are more about critical views, but grammatical mistakes overshadow the whole impression of the essay. So, it's better if you read and understand the concept of run-on sentences and comma splice errors.

Run-on sentences

In this error, you combine two or more than two independent clauses improperly with the help of a comma only. This is the most common error that occurs in academic or creative writing and in order to make your work look complex and creative, the writer makes sentences extra-long by using a simple comma. There are two types of run-on sentences which are given below.

In the first type, the writer does not use any punctuation or connection as the sentence does not have any connecting word or punctuation to differentiate them. For example

The vase is very beautiful it has flowers of multi-colors.

I have read the book it has some inspirational content.

In the second type, the writer uses a comma or colon to connect both independent clauses and this happens when trying to experiment with the words or sentences.

This play is written by Shakespeare, it comes in the genre of tragedy.

The world is full of people: some people are good, and some are liars.

The easy method to avoid the run-on sentence error is to put a full stop in between the independent clauses or use the connecting word or put a semicolon. To write my essay, I struggled a lot with the run-on sentences but once I learned that with full stop or semicolon, one can avoid run-ons, my sentence structure has improved a lot. You can also avoid this mistake by focusing a little bit.

Comma Splice Error

This error is also related to the sentence structure that becomes faulty by placing the punctuation at the wrong spot. This name is given to the compound sentence, which is punctuated wrongly, or the writer has used commas at multiple places in one sentence. This is a very minor mistake but the most annoying one. Especially when the writer is quite good at writing but still, they make this kind of mistake. Believe me, folks, it is the most annoying error.

One error is just like the run-on sentences as the comma is placed in the middle of two independent clauses.

The flowers are in the vase, they are looking beautiful.

The second error is that you are using the comma where it is not needed.

The dog was in the yard but the cat, ran after him and they both, started to fight.

The easy method to fix this error is the use of coordinating conjunction and do not place a comma after the subject.

It is a known fact that overcoming these grammatical issues is not an easy task as it needs a lot of practice, but this little guide can help you out in knowing what these mistakes are and how you can improve them. If you find it difficult, you can contact online websites which provide cheap essay writer service, as they can help you out in editing your sentence structure by proofreading it. So, do not take extra tension, you can avail yourself of their guidance for your document.

If you think you are not improving then, don’t worry about it because it is not easy to go to work. it will take maximum time, but you need a bit of patience for that. Have good luck with your future writing.

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