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Techniques To Choose Right Sewing Machine Needles

The most common misconception about the sewing is that you can stitch fabric with any kind of needle and can choose any needle. Whenever we go for the shopping we usually look at the clean stitched dresses due to the beauty and finishing.

Needles are the significant part of the sewing work because you won’t be able to do one stitch without a needle and if the needle is not good enough then it can mess the whole project. Sewing needle has the power to either make or break the whole process of stitching which can cause you major inconvenient in the workspace.

If you are a beginner and you have no idea about how to choose the right kind of needle for your work or for your sewing machine there here we are with the ultimate guide about sewing needles. Along with the   best sewing machine for beginners making clothes, it’s going to be super easy for you now to choose the right needle and to do stitching quickly.

1. Kind Of Textile:

Before you start searching for the best needle, the first thing any seamstress should do is to analyze the kind of fabric they are going to sew. Different kinds of needles are available in the market depends on the kind of clothes you are sewing and what fabric it is.

If it’s a heavy fabric then you need to search for the thick needle so the stitching must be strong and the needle will not break in between the project. So before you are going to buy any needle, make sure you know about the fabric as well you are going to choose for the next project. You can keep different needles in stock to make sure you are always ready for the emergency situations.

2. Jersey Needles:

These kinds of needles have medium ballpoint tip, especially for the knit fabrics. Usually knit fabric get damaged when you don’t have right kind of needle but Jersey needle will help you in stitching the clothes in a right manner without damaging any of the appearance and beauty of sewing.

Choose A Good Sewing Machine And Needles For Beginners Making Clothes

3. Stretch Needles:

Stretch needles are basically ideal for the swimwear but beginners may get confused in between the Jersey needles and stretch needles.

Stretch needles have the same medium ballpoint tip as jersey needle but the eye of the needle is different. It’s suitable for the stretchy fabrics.

4. Universal Needles:

Universal needles are the common needles which are used for the common clothing and can be used on the woven apparel. The tip of the needle is rounded.

5. Needle Sizing:

Two kinds of needle sizing are available in the market that is American and European. The size range of American needles is from 8 to 19 while the size of European needle is from 60 to 120. The larger number you are going to choose, the larger size of the needle will be.

The title of the needle will be 130/705 H system which means that these needles are meant for the home sewing as compared to the industrial work. The sizing of the needle will help you in sewing several kinds of fabric and with the help of larger blades, you can stitch thick fabric.

6. Strong Material:

Needles are one of the cheap product related to the stitching. So you don’t have to worry about how much you have to spend on the needles quality because they are never too expensive. For every project, you can use a new needle for the safety purpose.

If you are using an old needle then it can break in the middle of the sewing and can mess with your stitching project. Needles only have a lifespan of 6-8 hours and after that, you can throw it away. Never risk your project by using a damaged needle in the project.

7. No Damage:

At the time of buying a needle, make sure there is no damage to the eye or shank. Usually, people who are professionally in the sewing field buy a carton of needles because separately it cost you double. No matter where you are buying them, make sure there must be no rejected things in it.

If you are a beginner then you should buy the   best sewing machine for beginners and read more sewing machine guide and review so you can have complete knowledge about the needlework as well.

Choosing The Right Needles For Your Basic Sewing Machine

When you are choosing a needle then also analyze the type of thread you will use for the sewing. Thread should adjust with the kind of needle you are adjusting in the machine.

8. Needle According To Thread:

It may happen that your needle is good in quality but due to the thread, it may get broken. If you are using a delicate thread then you should use a small needle for the light fabric. If you are using a thick fabric for any kind of project then you should use a thick thread with it as it will support the needle and fabric as well.

If you are a beginner and you are going through the problems of needle break again and again then you should first analyze the thread you are using, If there is a major difference in the needle and thread sizing then change it and use both things accordingly.


Without needle, there is no concept of sewing and stitching. Before you should start any project it’s essential to look at the things you are using for the stitching. If you are a novice then have some learning about the best affordable sewing machine for beginners to understand the details regarding needles, machines, and threads.

Make sure you are changing a needle before starting any project to avoid any interruption in the middle of the work or to avoid any mess situation in the sewing process. All the right things are going to lead to the perfect dress you can dream of making.

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