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Standard Counter Height

A standard countertop is something you could now no longer consider on an everyday basis — however, it’s a key dimension to maintain in thoughts whilst making plans for a renovation. In this article, we’ll come up with a few recommendations for placing stability among the following conference and assembly of your specific daily needs.

The Standard Counter Height

Kitchen – The preferred kitchen countertop is 36 inches (three ft) above the floor. Kitchen islands designed for bar-fashion seating can climb as excessive as 42 inches.

Bathroom – The preferred restroom countertop top is barely decreased at 32 inches above the ground. Bathroom vanities have crept up in top recently, however, closer to 36 inches withinside the case of “consolation top” vanities. This is due to the fact the unique preferred turned applied at a time whilst it turned into a not unusual place for homes to have an unmarried restroom; children had to attain the counter, too. In greater current times, houses generally tend to have many bathrooms, subsequently, conceitedness heights creep up.

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Countertop Material Thickness

While maximum countertop substances are 1-half inches thick, there are a few substances—like quartz, granite, and marble—that are available in thinner sizes, commonly approximately three/four inches to one 1/4 inches. Your neighborhood countertop installer would possibly place wooden spacers at the lowest of the shelves to make sure the countertops are on the proper top. The spacers are then included via way of means of trim molding.

How Was Counter Height Standardized?

The 36-inch standardization originated with a look at performed the University of Illinois withinside the 1940s. Researchers studied how humans functioned withinside the kitchen, and primarily based totally on the common top of ladies at the time (five ft, three inches), 36 inches have become the usual top for an operating area.

However, on the grounds that each male's and female's paintings withinside the kitchen—and the common top has accelerated over the years—a few designers are converting their guidelines primarily based totally on the peak and options in their clients. For example, a taller grownup can also additionally experience greater cushty making ready meals in a kitchen with taller counters. Julia Child’s kitchen countertops had been absolutely raised 2 inches to deal with her top.

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Varying Countertop Height

As with any function of your house, the countertop top may be numerous to fulfill your situation. An own circle of relatives of 6-footers can also additionally discover 36 inches so low that they've to hunch uncomfortably even as making ready meals, even as an own circle of relatives with participants much less than five ft in top may discover the usual countertop top to be uncomfortable.

It may be tough and pricey to make those alterations, though, on the grounds that inventory base shelves will want to be altered, or custom shelves will want to be constructed from scratch, so as to alternate the countertop heights. Moreover, you must be cautious approximately dramatic versions to production requirements, because the capacity destiny customers of your house won't admire them.

Countertops for Those With Disabilities

Users with bodily disabilities, consisting of those ones restrained to wheelchairs, can also additionally discover each inventory base shelf and countertop top requirements to be impractical. In kitchens designed for accessibility, at the least, a few parts of the bottom shelves are left open in order that customers can roll wheelchairs underneath the countertop even as making ready meals.

The countertops themselves are frequently diminished to a top of 28 to 34 inches or maybe decrease. If the most effective segment of the countertop is custom designed for wheelchair customers, make certain the open area is at least 36 inches wide.

While those custom modifications can also additionally, of course, have an effect on the destiny sale of the house, they're a small rate to pay to make a domestic handy and cushy for disabled residents. In the cutting-edge marketplace, you could even discover that a handy kitchen is absolutely a perfect promoting factor to destiny customers.

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